Act 103 took effect on March 1st, 2014.

This law has many beneficial changes for car collectors.
A collector car will still have to be 20 years old and cannot be operated in January.
It will no longer be required to be all original. Under the new law, the body
of the car must be the same shape as when originally produced. This means
things like fender flares and hood scoops are acceptable only if they were offered on the original vehicle.
As far as all other components of the car, any motor that will fit under the hood, any interior modifications,
any accessories including wheels and tires, any paint, is now completely legal on your collector car.
Also, there is no longer any requirement to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards, including labeling.
Collector cars still must meet Wisc. Chapter 347 - Trans 305 equipment of vehicles requirements.
In short, cars must have headlight, taillights, wipers and tires with tread.

Basically, to be registered as a collector vehicle, the body must appear stock, everything else is open
to your preferences. If you must stick the engine through the hood, or put gigantic slicks on the car,
then you need to register as a hobbyist. The intent of this law is to retain the original appearance of
the vehicle when you see it drive by. It allows modifications so that we can use these cars,
not just look at them.

This law also greatly effects registration of former military vehicles.
Any rubber tired, military vehicle regardless of age, can now be registered with
Wisconsin truck or farm plates. Depending on what the vehicle is, it may also qualify for
automobile registration. If the vehicle is U.S. manufactured or imported and 25 years old,
it can be registered as an Historic Military Vehicle. HMV has significant operating restrictions.
If the military vehicle is 20 years old and the body has not been modified, it can be registered as
a collector vehicle. Owners of these vehicles registered as HMV can store unlicensed vehicles,
parts and parts vehicles if screened from normal view, the same as collector or hobbyist.

Thank-you! Together we did it!
We really appreciate your help and support!!!

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